July 17- As the onset of this year’s  Nrisimha Jatra, termed as Upakalah Sayaa, the symbolic  invitation to Malla King of Lalitpur has been observed on Tuesday.  There is the tradition of presenting the  symbolic  invitation to Malla King, named as Swaan Tawonegu,  on every year on the day of Guru Purnima.

The event hold presenting the invitation, flower and betel nuts, to the Malla King on the royal stone bed, situated at the Sundari Chowk, presenting the invitation to the head of Guthi Sansthan, Lalitpur and worshiping the traditional stone spout.

Observing the traditional worship, this year’s  Jatra will kick off on Bhadra 3, from Sulimha, holding the management by the family of Heramba Raj.



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