June 6 –  The Gaurishankar Conservation Area has spotted an endangered snow leopard and a golden cat for the first time here.

The camera trapping recorded the animals.

The study with the use of infrared camera found these endangered and protected animals at 11 places of Lapchi Valley in Bigu rural municipality in Dolakha district.
The conservation officer Bishnu Prasad Pandey informed that the camera trapping also showed 15 reptiles, black bear, blue sheep, red fox and others.

The conservation project had installed the cameras a year back in the Lapchi Valley in order to identify the wild animals in the area.

Three images of snow leopard were taken at the height of 4,087 meter.   The poaching of wild animal has been culturally banned in this area.

As per National Park and Wildlife Conservation Act 2029, the snow leopard has been listed as the endangered animal.

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