July 15 –  Sarod maestro and composer Ustad Yesraz Sudarshan Razopadhyay has been felicitated in Rajasthan, India amid an International Friendship Conference held on Sunday. Mumbai’s renowned social activist and businessman Suresh Agrawal conferred Sarod maestro Razopadhyay with International Indian Bestiz Award 2019 at the Friendship Conference held at Suresh Gyan Vihar, Jagatpura Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Organized by the NRB Foundation and Bhavya International, under the collaboration with Kalamkar Manch , Sunil Sharma, the chairman of Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Shailendra Mathur, the founder of Kalamkar Manch,  Dr. Nisha Mathur , the director of Manch were also present in the conference organized under the chairmanship of Shankar Lal Agrawal, the social activist of  Assam. Sarod performance of Razopadhyay and literary books were released during the event, participated by the various personalities from India, Maldives, Canada, and other countries.

Earlier in the year 2013, Razopadhyay was conferred with the Sangeet Manjari title from the West Bengal India and a gold paper from Suril Shanjha of Gujarat in 2015. Likewise he received the first prize in the district wide competition held in Radio Nepal in 2002, and received the honors of awards like Save the Nation Award, Shastra Samman. Apart from sarod playing, as a singer, composer and a lyric writer, Razopadhyay has taken out CD and cassette like Palpal, Panisari, Tyo Rat, Nasalaa, Hasana, Chanhu Ninhu, Chhangu Matina, One Day Ragas , Soulful Music for Meditation, Suril Music from in 2015.

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