Drops and Torrents

After prolong postponements

Surprisingly drops are flowing down

Breaking the dead silence of paucity

Ray of glory and hopes lines in faces

Even, consummation shaped in thirsty plots

Luckily, eyes are getting sporadic portraits

Ears are catching the priceless  sound

Mouths, too, satiating prolong longing

Aroma spreads everywhere

Softness flows here and there

All are praising

Oh, wonderful rain, we need you

Honey, please come again

Day and night

Dearest continues heavily

Drops in torrents, torrents of continued torrents

Now the scenario reformed

Ray of fear and distress lined in faces

Even downheartedness followed in satisfied plots

Eyes are scared to witness the human loss

Ears are exhausted with news of the massacre

Mouths, too, complaining the brutality

Rusty smell spreads everywhere

Toughness flows here and there

Now, all are requesting

Oh, savage rain, now it’s enough

Evil, please stop now

Never come again

Sylvia Razopadhyay


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