August 8 – Nepal’s first satellite named ‘NepaliSat-1’ launched into the space on April 17 has captured pictures of the sun and the earth. The photos were made public after the Education Ministry of Japan issued a permission two weeks ago.
Nepali scientist Hariram Shrestha, who is studying at Japanese Institute of Technology, relayed the information to the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) as a ground station aiming to receive signals sent by the satellite is under-construction.
The pictures taken by the satellite are a bit blurry, said Rabindra Prasad Dhakal, chief of the technology faculty of the NAST. “The satellite takes blurry pictures of space on sunny and cloudy days,” he said. Besides, the satellite also took pictures of the borders of China and India.
The satellite that weighs 1.3 kilograms was launched from the Virginia Space’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in the United States of America.
The satellite has reached the Pacific Ocean by going through Asia, said Dibodh Lamichhane, assistant researcher at the NAST. “The satellite will appear in the Nepali sky three times alternatively today (at 12:52 pm to 12:57 pm, 7:25 pm to 7:30 pm and 9:02 pm to 9:07 pm,” he said. The satellite is said to be revolving around the earth orbit 16 times a day.

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