August 3 –  Locals have organized a signature campaign against the dismantling of the around 600 years old Kothunani Vihar in Ason. They collected 15,000 signatures for the same. The locals have come out against the effort of the Guthi Sansthan to bringing down the Vihar to build a commercial building.

Speaking at the concluding program of the signature collection campaign here on Friday, former Minister and MP Bhimsen Das Pradhan said the locals have to work to preserve the heritage as the tendency of bringing down religious structures like temple and Vihar to make way for modern buildings is on the rise. Instead we need to develop them as tourist spots, like in Bali of Indonesia, he added.

Coordinator of Ason Kothunani Save Campaign Namaste Sayami said the signatures would be handed over following a mass rally to be held on August 28 to the Guthis Sansthan, and to Kathmandu metropolis and Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers.

It may be noted that the Guthi Sansthan has already awarded a contract for bringing down the Vihar and construct a new building.

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