Legend says that the bhoto(vest) belonged to Karakat Nagraj (the king of all serpants). There are many myths and stories and their variations related to the bhoto of Karakat Nagraj. One of such myth is that the wife of Karakat Nagraj had an eye ailment which could not be cured even with lots of medicines. One day, a farmer (jyapu) came and said that he could heal her eye problem. He rubbed his body with his hands and then he collected the dirt and put it in the eyes of Nagraj’s wife. His wife was instantly cured and he gifted the farmer with a bhoto out of generosity. The bhoto was studded in diamond and was very precious so the farmer used to wear it every day. One day while he was working on his field, he took off the bhoto because he felt very hot  continued to work. But after finishing his work, he could not find his bhoto. He went to search for it and found that a lakhe(demon in Nepalese folklore) was wearing it. They had a quarrel regarding the ownership of the bhoto. After long argument, when they didn’t come to a conclusion they decided to offer the bhoto to machindranath and take it back after they have enough proof to rightfully claim the bhoto. So every year, the bhoto jatra is celebrated and the bhoto is shown to everyone in the hopes that the rightful owner will come forward with conclusive proof. It is believed that Karkat Najraj is also present during the bhoto jatra because the bhoto  actually belongs to him.

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