June 17 – As the continuation from 400 years, the cultural music program  is observing at Mangal Bazar, Lalitpur  today. The live recitation of ancient songs is continued particularly at Kartik Dabali in front of Royal Palace and Krishna Temple in Mangal Bazar on the longest day of every year i.e. the Full moon day of June, the Jya Punhi as it is known in local community. This year it falls on Monday.

The songs and rags have been recited continuously from the day they were written by the Poet and King Siddhi Narshingh Malla back in Nepal Era 740 (1676 BS, 1619 AD).

The recitation of these songs in many Dapha Bhajan of Lalitpur including Bhimsensthan Temple Mangal Bazar, Krishna Temple Mangal Bazar, Lohangal Dapha Bhajan , Machhendranath Jatra,  and many other places.


Besides, the recitation of the songs, the Jya Punhi day is observed by displaying the historic throne belonging to  Malla King Sri Niwas Malla and Bilampau, the wall painting.


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