July 31 – More than 130-strong audience attended Pasa Puchah Guthi UK (PPGUK) London’s annual Picnic (Gun-Bhwoye) at Northala Fields, London on Saturday.

As the first festival of the Nepal Samvat year, – “GathaaMugah Chahre” was marked for the first time in London with an introduction in Nepalbhasha by Guthi’s Culture Secretary Pranisha Shakya. While she explained various customs and beliefs associated with the festival, around 20 kids coloured the mask of GathaaMugah demon besides playing various other outdoor games.

‘GathaaMugah’-themed Picnic

Guests were welcomed with traditional music performed by PPGUK Southeast London President Sushil Prajapati on Dhaa baja, PPGUK BOT President  Ojesh Singh on Bhusyaa and former Culture Secretary Ashok Awal on Taa.

PPGUK London’s General Secretary Sandeep Shrestha introduced various guests including Miss England finalist Pratistha Raut.

Guests were served traditional feast as a jhwo-bhwoye where participants sit in long rows and volunteers serve each item in a particular order on laptay (leaf plate).

Supervised by PPGUK London Vice-President Rukmani Manandhar, the feast included freshly made 13 different authentic Newah cuisines, like Bajee (rice flakes), spinach, ChhuyeLaa (marinated and grilled meat), cauliflower, Bhuti (black-eyed peas), DaayekuLaa (meat curry), Kerau (peas), Aalu-Achaar (potato pickle), Aalu-Chhwon (potato and bamboo-shoot soup), Dhau (yoghurt), Jeri and Sisabusa (diced raw vegetables, peas and fruits).

This was PPGUK London’s first jhwo-bhwoye which was made possible as a community effort by its current and former office bearers, as well as local businesses like Nepal FoodsNepal Authentic DiningMonty’s Restaurant Fulham and Monkey Temple Restaurant.

The fun outing concluded with a Bingo game conducted by Sandeep Shrestha and Ojesh Singh, while the prizes were sponsored by Monty’s Restaurant Kingston and Nepal Authentic Dining.

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