September 9 – Five people have been found infected with dengue in Kanchanpur district. Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease and is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti species of mosquito.

Vector control inspector at the Sudur Paschim State Health Directorate, Hemraj Joshi said three people have been found infected with dengue virus at Bedkot, one person in Krishnapur municipality and one person who had reached Mahakali Zonal Hospital for treatment.

Those infected in Bedkot are undergoing treatment at nearby private hospitals in India and the one infected in Krishnapur is receiving treatment at the Seti Zonal Hospital Dhangadhi while the next one infected with dengue is under treatment at Mahakali Zonal Hospital.

He said dengue infection which was seen mostly in the urban areas has now been found in rural areas as well. Mostly those people returning from India are found to be infected with this disease.

Joshi said so far 20 dengue patients have been found in the Sudur Paschim State this year. As per the data maintained by the Sudur Paschim State Health Directorate, one dengue was found in the state in 2017 and seven dengue patients were found in 2018. They had all come home from India after working there.

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