POEM: Exiled within own country

Exiled within own country, originally written in Nepalbhasha by Chita Ranjan Nepali ,is translated by Sylvia Razopadhayay and collected in The Rebel Morning, published by Nepal Academy. The writer writes – This poem is the reaction to a renowned French writer’s poem entitled One is an exile in one’s own country.


Exiled within own country


Hey! Soul of a poet at the distance

The song, you sang in the distance

Your touchy voice

Piercing my ears, even farther

Turning to echoes –

“I am exiled within my country

I am a foreigner within my homeland”

Previously I used to feel

Such sentiments envaded me

Even born in Nepal-

I don’t belong to Nepal, and Nepal doesn’t belong to me!

I felt that

I didn’t belong to nowhere, in the whole world

Nowhere is mine!

That time, that moment-

Dread misfortune captured the country

Autocratic reign controlled the system

Dire scarcity everywhere!

Resulting the contribution in the name of

Hindrance, control and prohibition-

When sounds spurted out MY Nepal

All’s mouth got locked up!

Then, my mind uttered-

I became a foreigner within my country

I am exiled within my country


Movements take place in the country

Changes line up, the state gets a change

Hindrance, control, all dismantle !

No one needs a permission to talk

No one needs to hide his laughter!

All get freedom, freed!

But though, hey! Soul of poet!

The voice of the song you sang at a distance

My hearts get vibration

Inside me

Fear, terror and suspicious getting in

Then, I think, like a drunkard

I became a foreigner within my country

I am exiled within my country

Chita Ranjan Nepali

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