Exiled within own country, originally written in Nepalbhasha by Chita Ranjan Nepali ,is translated by Sylvia Razopadhayay and collected in The Rebel Morning, published by Nepal Academy. The writer writes – This poem is the reaction to a renowned French writer’s poem entitled One is an exile in one’s own country.


Exiled within own country


Hey! Soul of a poet at the distance

The song, you sang in the distance

Your touchy voice

Piercing my ears, even farther

Turning to echoes –

“I am exiled within my country

I am a foreigner within my homeland”

Previously I used to feel

Such sentiments envaded me

Even born in Nepal-

I don’t belong to Nepal, and Nepal doesn’t belong to me!

I felt that

I didn’t belong to nowhere, in the whole world

Nowhere is mine!

That time, that moment-

Dread misfortune captured the country

Autocratic reign controlled the system

Dire scarcity everywhere!

Resulting the contribution in the name of

Hindrance, control and prohibition-

When sounds spurted out MY Nepal

All’s mouth got locked up!

Then, my mind uttered-

I became a foreigner within my country

I am exiled within my country


Movements take place in the country

Changes line up, the state gets a change

Hindrance, control, all dismantle !

No one needs a permission to talk

No one needs to hide his laughter!

All get freedom, freed!

But though, hey! Soul of poet!

The voice of the song you sang at a distance

My hearts get vibration

Inside me

Fear, terror and suspicious getting in

Then, I think, like a drunkard

I became a foreigner within my country

I am exiled within my country

Chita Ranjan Nepali

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