This chapter is extracted from Bhrikuti , the historical play , originally written by Lt. Mohan Krishna Dongol in Nepalbhasha . The book has been translated to English by Sylvia Razopadhayay .

(King Songtsän Gampo, with anger in his face, enters the stage with weapons. Four bare feet naked men, with undergarments only, are marching on the stage with hands tied up behind.  They are arrested by Maha Samant.)

Songtsän Gampo: (He moves his sword up and down, opens the cover and throws far away) Aren’t you those slaughterers, who here came to battle? (He holds the sword up and grins) Aren’t you those looters? Who looted our wealth and again came to revolt in Sikhache? Oh….. Come. (He drags the body, pulling hair. After killing, he enters again. His white dress turns red due to blood while his sword shines with blood.)

Rebels: (One person bows head down) King please forgives me. It was my mistake. Please forgive me, King. Please grace your mercy to us, oh great king.

Songtsän Gampo: Forgive…….forgive………forgive to those who revolts against my country. Ha…. Ha… ha forgives you, enemies? (Holding his sword up) I can donate my state, but can’t forgive enemies like you. You went previously, saying you will be back soon, didn’t you? Now come…. Come……… Bring him here like an animal, with four legs to walk.

Rebel: Oh king, I won’t say again. Please forgive for a time. Forgive me king. Forgive. (He shakes in fear)

(Looks at Mahasamanta)

Songtsän Gampo: Bring him like an animal with four legs to walk! (Mahasamanta kicks the person, he falls down) Walk with four legs! (The person, with fear, tries to walk with four legs, but he can’t as his hands are tied behind)

Rebel: King, please forgive me…………..!

Songtsän Gampo: (Moving his swords, he comes near) Come……… again. (Pulling his hair with left hand, he keeps his sword in his neck and beheads. Bhrikuti enters, and shivers. She requests, folding her two hands)

Bhrikuti: Oh king what you have done!

Songtsän Gampo: (Showing two) Haven’t you seen? I am killing my enemies! Haven’t you seen my sword! (Targeting another) Now……. Make him to kneel down!

Bhrikuti:  (Requesting with two hand folding) Oh king swords won’t decrease enemies, rather it will increase enemies. Please forgive them.   (Queen, weeping, kneels down in front of the king)  Please king forgive them, forgive their life. (Dipankar Bajra enters and looks the face of the king. He looks at Queen, kneeling down in front of the King.)

Dipankar: Oh King, what have you done?

Songtsän Gampo: Oh lord, haven’t you seen? I am killing my enemies. It’s not good to leave them. (Saying he moves his sword. Weeping Queen gets up and catches king’s feet.)

Bhrikuti: Please king cool down.

Songtsän Gampo: (He pushed Bhrikuti angrily. Queen falls down and Dipankar Bajra helps her to stand) Your tears can’t stop my sword. (Queen stands and tries to snatch the king’s sword. King moves another side. She tries to embrace the king to snatch the sword. King holds the sword up.  He pushed Bhrikuti and catches the head of one rebel, who is kneeling down. As the King is going to chop his head, at the same time, Dipankar Bajra catches his hand with a sword, removing Queen and the rebel)

Bhrikuti: Oh king, kill me too………! (Dipankar Bajra snatches the sword)

Songtsän Gampo: Oh lord, you have no idea of our kingdom. Please don’t try to interfere. I won’t leave them. Give me my sword. (He tries to take but Dipankar Bajra won’t back his sword. King takes Mahasamant’s sword).

Songtsän Gampo: If I leave them now, tomorrow they won’t leave me. So It will be foolish to leave them now……

Bhrikuti: (Leaving both hands in the air, she speaks in a soft voice) King……… Ki…. ng (She faints and falls down. Mahasamant looks at the falling queen)

Samant: King………. Please look, Queen.   What happened to her!

Songtsän Gampo: First, I will kill him whatever may happen, and then only I will look at her. (Dipankar Bajra goes ahead and catches the sword. He catches the sword, without leaving despite his bleeding hands. King gazes the bleeding hands. King throws the sword as he sees blood pouring out from Dipankar Bajra’s hand and fainting queen. The King bandages his hand, tearing royal dress. Lord Bajra, please forgive me.

Bajrasatwa:  Sadhu……. Sadhu……… Sadhu. (Saying he moves to Queen. King Songtsän Gampo sits beside queen and keeps her head in his lap and tries to wake up her.)

Songtsän Gampo: Bhrikuti! …………….. Bhrikuti!……… Please open your eyes……. I am yours Songtsän Gampo…………….. Bhrikuti………. (King says). My Queen Bhrikuti, look at me. (Catching her cheek, he pulls her head to his side. Samant arrives with water. King sprinkles water in her face. But it won’t work. King, tears in his eye make requests)

Songtsän Gampo: Dipankar lord, now what to do?

Dipankar: What can I suggest………. (He says helplessly)

Songtsän Gampo:  (Embracing her) Bhrikuti……….. Bhrikuti………..! Lord, what happened to her! Please help me, lord Bajrasatwa! (Looking at Samanta, he scolds him in weeping voice) What have you been watching…………… Without doing nothing………….. Go and bring royal Vaidya. Lord, what happened to my love.

Dipankar:  Queen Bhrikuti, princess of Nepal, while she was in Nepal, she hasn’t been out of the palace. She came here crossing such a long way, ignoring all those sorrows and pains. You ignored her requests and did massacre. She couldn’t see bloody scene and fainted. King, wait for some time. She will be back again. King, wait for a time, don’t hurry. (Palpasa arrives and shakes with fear.)

Palpasa: (Hurriedly says) Oh, King! What you have done! What happened to our daughter!

Songtsän Gampo:  (Weeping) Palpasa sister, I haven’t done anything. (Again, embracing Bhrikuti) My love, Bhrikuti, my life, my dear, please open your eyes. Sister Palpasa is here. Look here. I won’t touch any weapons from today. I am saying these words in front of Dipankar Bajra, the Buddha’s symbol and sister Palpasa of Nepal, witnessing my love to you. Please Bhrikuti, open your eyes. I am your love Songtsän Gampo. (He weeps)

Dipankar Bajra: Let’s pray to Tri Ratna, our ultimate god, for her betterment.

Honor to the Blessed One, the Exalted One, the fully Enlightened One

Honor to the Blessed One, the Exalted One, the fully Enlightened One

Honor to the Exalted One………………. Honor to the Exalted One

Honor to the Dhamma………. Honor to the Dhamma

I pray you always……………. I pray you always


I go to the Buddha as my refuge…………. I go to the Buddha as my refuge

I go to the Dhamma as my refuge…..….. I go to the Dhamma as my refuge

I go to the Sangha as my refuge…..….. I go to the Sangha as my refuge

(After continuous prose, Bhrikuti slowly opens her eyes)

Songtsän Gampo:  Guru Bajra, Bhrikuti is back. Bhrikuti, my love! (Again he embraces her)

Dipankar: She needs a rest. Take her to her sleeping room. (King takes her to her room, catching her by both hands, all follow them. The curtain closes)


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