May 23 – The bhoto jatra is going to be marked on Jestha 26 as part of the Rato Machhendranath chariot festival. The date for celebrating Bhoto Jatra is determined today morning by astrologers as they took out the date of Jestha 23 to pull the chariot to Jawalakhel.

Dil Kumar Barahi, the head of Barahi Guthiyar of Macchindranath informed that the team of astrologers took out the auspicious date  of Jestha 23  to  pull the chariot  kept in Thatitole to Jawalakhel.

After keeping the chariot in Jawalakhel for 3 days, there is a tradition to observe Bhoto Jatra, after which the  festival will come to an end.

It is an annual cultural cum religious ritual of displaying the black jewel-studded bhoto (vest) believed to be of then Nagraj, the serpent king.  The head of the State attends the function.

(Photo Credit : Dil Kumar Barahi)



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