April 20 – Anugraha Bal Club has provided the Samaritan purse to over a hundred children amidst a program organized in Siddhipur, Mahalaxmi Municipality-6 , Lalitpur on this Saturday.

On the occasion, urging not a single child should deprive from his/her rights, the deputy mayor of Mahalaxmi Municipality said that the Municipality is working in favor of  children.

The chairman of Ward no 6 Basudev Maharjan, expressed his commitment to allocate the budget for the Club.

On the occasion, Samuel Subba of Carnet Nepal, Coordinator of Mahalaxmi Municipality Prem Krishna Maharjan, Yester Ghale and Dipesh Maharjan also expressed their views on the children’s rights.

The club, founded by Binod Mahrajan Thasimi 6 years ago,  has provided the Samaritan purse to the children with the help of Carnet Nepal.

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