A synthetic sense , originally written in Nepalbhasha by Yogendra Pradhan ,is translated by Sylvia Razopadhayay and collected in The Rebel Morning, published by Nepal Academy.

A synthetic sense

Flower vase, stored and decorated with an artificial flower

Cost of breeze and sunbeams lessened in my garden

Oh! Birds, don’t flip your wings

Now your excursion, transferring flower seeds, carries no value!

Now delicate fragrance, enters the nostrils, instead of strong aroma

Fragrance floods into every vein of your body!

Now, a breeze plays no more roles, worthless

In spreading the aroma of your visit

Keeping witness of sunlight, in every corner of the garden

Cut your nose

Become a nose less body

Now, it carries no value to stick a nose on the artificial face!

Time rotates with two decades

Oh! The artificial flower

Lost worthy vase

Job less birds

Scents carrying veins

Valueless noses!

Dissecting hearts, postmortem carried on

Where? It was lost? Can’t find the aroma spreading hearts!

Even so, signed under saying heart attack

Inside the flower vase, with plenty of plastic flowers

Yes, the vase with plastic flowers!


Your mother, without stomach pain and labor

How could you-

From the armpit of this garden, with real flower as the crown

A lophoforus born

It dances, with different styles in every step?

Yogendra Pradhan

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