A neatly washed morning , kept in sunlight, originally written in Nepalbhasha by Pratisara Sayami ,is translated by Sylvia Razopadhayay and collected in The Rebel Morning, published by Nepal Academy.


A neatly washed morning , kept in sunlight

Yesterday whole night,

Sky was busy

carrying water drops of wind

Many times it’s feet stroke

in the top of the hill

Its’ pain created lighting

terrible thunder stroke

dusts spread

windy rain showered

When the morning lurks morning

house, road, open places

all are already washed cleanly

leaves of tree and flower

one by one

washed completely

entire sky is already kept for dried

Road, open place , dried with thick mud

all getting clean

no dirts left

the face was washed neatly

I know,

If water carries muddy smell

whatever may clean be happened

They will become close friends

Makes me to have bath at earliest

Yes, water

Medium of journey !

compulsion of pedestrian

need to walk for survival


the main purpose of success travel


Yesterday’s horrible

windy rain

Thunder strom

with Terrific sound

Their outcome in wholesome

Today’s this

Even I

and the morning kept to dry after washing

Pratisara Sayami


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